Sync between score and piano roll in Write mode

This sync is often lost (I don’t know when and why). After some time, clicking a note in the score does not change the relevant instrument in the piano roll (and I’m forced to go in Play mode to edit things).

I have still the same issue in 4.2.

Perhaps you could be a bit more specific, Axel. If you can provide some steps to help us reproduce your problem, we can look into it. A reminder of how to provide us with enough information that we can investigate your problem:

It’s very difficult to explain more as I didn’t find what triggers this issue… Sometimes it works a while then stops to work, sometimes it doesn’t work just after having loaded a file : I’m in write mode with the “double view” (score+piano roll below). Could you please try with the joined file ?
For this one, it never works : even clicking in a different instrument staff doesn’t change the instrument in the piano roll. Nor clicking a different note in the same staff instrument.
quatuor3.dorico (2.3 MB)

It’s working as expected for me, Axel. Next time it goes wrong for you, make a little screen recording showing what’s happening, and share it here. Be sure to include the whole Dorico window rather than just a postage-stamp sized section of it.

This now seems to work since the file was saved in 4.2 format. Fingers crossed!