Sync Downloaded Files With Steinberg Download Manager

Hi Guys,

So, I recently upgraded my internal storage and had to reinstall windows, but i kept all my downloaded Steinberg Installation files on an external hard disc. Is there a way to sync those files with the Download Manager so I don’t have to download them again?

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In the settings for the Download Manager, you can configure your Download directory. I would try copying the installation files there. Did you save exactly that folder, with all its subdirectories?
If not, the Download Manager requires them to be in specific folders, like this:
And within those folders should be the respective zip files (which you could also just extract and run the setup.exe)

Great, thanks @fese!
Yes I copied them exactly but it didn’t seem to change the Download Manager’s settings… But yes i managed to install them manually from the zipped files.
Thanks for the response dear! :pray:t2::musical_note: