Sync "edit channel setting" window and any automation track

When choosing a track automation for another track, the focus of the inspector does not change. Necessarily have to choose the main audio track with parts. It is very uncomfortable with the huge number of automation tracks in the project. Obviously, it would be logical if the inspector when editing track automation on the audio track, automatically switches to this track. (see screenshot)
SYNC automation and track.png

+1 a very good and easy to understand request, yes please!

I don’t want to sound like I don’t like the idea, but I do have a question though.

First of all, the “inspector” pane changes according to changed lane, just not the “edit” window, right?

Secondly, I just have to ask what the real-world usage of syncing the two is. I wonder that because I would presume you have the automation lane open for a reason, and it provides you both feedback and the ability to change settings, and the edit window provides the same thing; visual feedback and the ability to change settings. So from one standpoint you in a sense get more feedback by not connecting the two, since you can have one track’s edit window open without its lane being open, and then select and edit a different track’s lane at the same time.

In addition, why not just select the track instead of the lane?

Mind you, I’m not saying I’m entirely against it or the option of having it, just wondering what the real-world application is for it.

Explain. You need to paste the copied data automation ( e.g., EQ) on another track.

  1. You must select the track parameter automation first on that other track.
    Right? And here is the beginning of inconvenience - The Edit Channel Window remains synced with LAST SELECTED AUDIO TRACK (not track automation).
  2. Insert data (or draw new ones).
  3. We wish to see what happened - press play. And here it becomes clear that we need an extra step - yeah, once again put the mouse in a tiny lane of the desired track. Only then it becomes apparent how drawn dots alter the low frequency response.
    And here’s a question: WHY DO I NEED EXTRA STEPS ??
    And did The Edit Channel window is not a copy of the inspector?
    Well, if this windows synchronization you do not need, but I need, - why in PREFERENCE window does not add the option “Edit Channel Box sync on/off” ?

Little video example here: