Sync Errors part 42

I’ve been having no problems with sync using windows to windows but tried a midi session today with Mac osx performer.

Was getting frequent PERF sync led on RED errors. At no time did the blue “buffer” indicator show anything else but the full 3 seconds and the audio didn’t seem to drop at all

Tried changing every ASIO buffer and VSTconn delay setting (and reducing video/audio streams to their lowest) - nothing fixed this

both sides connected wired on fairly big internet connnections.

What does this sync light actually indicate - is it too sensitive - session was fine apart from the MIDI issue (another thread)

(Michael/Musi…you’ve removed the network logging so it’s hard to see what VST connect thinks is going on)

errors only with MIDI or in general?
You should also care to not have too low a buffer size on the OSX machine.

I didn’t get any actual dropout - but I got frequent RED led sync lights at the performer end.

as I mentioned I tried 1024 samples buffer on the OSX end (and studio end) didn’t make any difference

thanks. But again: with or without MIDI or in both cases?

was using MIDI throughout - was getting RED led ON frequently throughout

GREEN buffer indicator was full at 3 seconds throughout - didn’t get any dropouts in audio or MIDI (assume no midi dropout?)

Tried increasing all buffer (local and performer) - no difference to sync RED led
Tried increasing “delay” - no difference to RED led

nothing I did cured the intermittent sync RED led issue - session was fine however (apart from the midi timing problem in a seperate thread)

what is it that actually triggers a “sync error” - just saying internet “quality” (whatever that is ?) isn’t really helpful. Is it dropping packets - I can use some network monitor tools to test.

LEDs in general show sync errors, because of whatever reasons like audio interface buffer overflow, mainly network quality.
Quality here means that when A sends a message to B it arrives in time, depending on what is required to be “in time”. For Netflix, it’s ok to buffer 10 seconds, for VST Connect it’s not. So speed is not of concern, but “delivery in time” is. We found big differences among different providers, but mainm reasons are careless usage of other internet resources (skype, zoom, streaming of all sorts), so called “internet protection”, adventurous router configurations etc.

so “quality” is latency ?

I was seeing sync errors with a “delay” of 5 seconds - (latency was in the very low ms) - buffer never dropped below full.

This test was with my senior network guy (on a gig network) - something else going on here I suspect.