Sync issue on audio export from vst instrument - BFD3

Really strange issue - I’ve been exporting BFD3 drum tracks for several songs to send out for mixing, and so far they’ve all worked, aside from being slightly off time and having to be nudged slightly to line up, but they run on proper time/sync once that’s been done.
But one project I export the drums (using BFD3’s export engine as I have for all the others) and the timing drifts. A kick hit will be right on time, then the very next one is late, and then they’re all late for a while, then randomly one will be on time again, then it’ll drift off sync again.

I’ve tried deleting all other tracks, removing all plugins, removing all effects within BFD3, etc. but the problem persists.

Any ideas?

I use BFD3 all the time but have never used its export engine. Whenever I want to commit BFD3’s output to audio I use Cubase’s Render In Place (Audio Export in Elements) which has always worked great - no need to adjust the position or anything like that.

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are you able to do that and still export individual channels from the BFD3 mixer? If so, I should really switch over to that method!

Yes. First make sure to enable any of the VSTi’s Outputs you want to Render.

Then because I create my drum parts internal to BFD3 I normally wouldn’t create a MIDI Part on the BFD3 Track. But on a Instrument Track Cubase uses its MIDI Parts to determine where to Render Audio. So I just added a ‘dummy’ empty MIDI Part. Then use the Render dialog to select various options and Render In Place to generate the new Audio files.

wow, thanks so much - that’s awesome! Wish I’d been doing this from the get-go! Got one more tube to finish for this album, so I’l try it on that one - better late than never :confused:

Much appreciated!!