Sync Issues in .wav Import

I have had this issue with Nuendo and Previous versions of Cubase as well. I create a project in a different daw. I export the wav files. After setting the proper sample bit rate and tempo, I import them into Cubase. The audio starts well. But it starts to sound out of sync beyond a minute or so. It is driving me absolutely nuts !!! This is a problem I have only had with Steinberg. Please help. I have no presets activated. It’s just an empty Cubase project. But everything is slightly out of sync. It’s like I cannot work on anything unless it has been natively created in Cubase.

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Every single machine has its own clock. So 120BPM doesn’t match 120BPM at other machine. This is the reason, why do you need to sync an external synth/hardware if you use any clock in it (for example arpeggiator). And the very same is here.

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Is it true ? You break my years of certitude here.


I’m sorry. It’s very true.

So how do I fix this issue exactly? How do I get it back in sync?

Also, shouldn’t beats per minute be a standard measurement? Why then is there a difference in the clocks?

Big subject, Simple overview is even any two of the finest watches Digital or analogue would ‘drift’ apart eventually, likewise your computer clock has to sync occasionally to maintain ‘correct’ time. Even our best atomic clocks are the same, but they may lose a second overs billions and billions of years instead. Easy enough to research if you are interested in a more in depth explanation. :slight_smile:

got it. so I have to manually time stretch each and every audio file to the accurate spot, right? Like we do in a watch? Srry about the questions. m still learning :stuck_out_tongue:

setting the timestretch to elastique pro -time obviously coz i do not wanna mess up the pitch.


You can use the Musical Mode to time-stretch the Audio Event.

Worth checking in Audio pool that the files state 120bpm there too first, If you didn’t already.

Hold on a minute. Are you telling us that 4 bars of 4/4 120bpm doesn’t always equal exactly 8 seconds!?
Audio files are moved between DAWs all the time. There shouldn’t be a drift after only 1 minute.

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Can you post a screenshot of the project so that we get an idea as to what might be going on?

Steinberg’s general relativity ? :sweat_smile:
I agree every computer clocks are not identical but are the differences within reach of our senses ?


Yes. That’s the reason why the whole sync business is here.

This is to have same beg point, but is it noticeable for the time needed to measure 1 ms ?