Sync issues with loop samples

I want to play a loop in the sequencer while i prelisten a different loop in the media browser with the same tempo and both should be synced

Even when both loops have the same tempo and sample rate the sync does not work
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How To Reproduce
Loop a drumloop in the sequencer while prelisten a new loop sample

Expected Result
Loops with same tempo should always be synced

Loops with different tempo should also be synced like in ableton live

Samsung S7 FE tablet on Android 13

Additional Notes
I dont think this is an android 13 issue since the sync looping works with fruityloops mobile app using their slicer

I think the problem is that the sampler has no bpm calculator/detector and thus no bpm meta data.
So CB cant sync as the sampler dont see a sample’s bpm.

Desired flow:
The lenth of a sample [time] + bar measure [ex 4/4] = bpm

Hi @drasko,

As of yet, Cubasis does not support synced previews.,


Thx @LSlowak
Hope you can add it with an update