Sync midi clock Cubase7 with external Ketron SD90 (I like recording style from Ketron in to Cubase)

Hi.I like synchronise Cubase 7 with my Ketron SD90 (Midi clock) (I like recording styles from Ketorn in to Cubase 7).How it work? Thanks for your help.


In the Transport > Project Synchronization Setup you can choose Timecode Source and destination. It depends, which device should be master and which one should be slave.

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Ako majú byť Midi ďaĺšie midi nasavenia?

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Do you setup the synchronisation on the Ketron too, please? Which device should be master, please?

Hello Martin.

In the event that
1.Cubase is in master mode? What are the settings in the Project Synchronization setup?
and if:
2.Cubase is in slave mode? What are the settings in the Project Synchronization setup?

Thank you

Hi Ladislav,

If you want to use Cubase as Master, set the Timecode Source to Internal Timecode, please. Then in the Destinations tab, enable the relevant MIDI Port in the MIDI Clock Destinations list.

If Cubase suppose to be slave, set the Timecode Source to MIDI Timecode. In the MIDI Timecode Settings (which appears after you enable the MIDI Timecode source), select the MIDI Input port, please.

Thank you Martin