Sync MIDI Track with Mixer

Hey guys. I noticed in 7.5 that when I click a MIDI track that’s linked to a VST, the new VST Instruments window will move to the VST it is linked to. That is very convenient! So…

When I click on a MIDI track I also would like it to sync with the mixer AND channel settings window. This would save me so much time as I have huge templates of MIDI tracks. Anyone know how to do this? Does the new rack feature help with this in any way?

I searched forever and couldn’t find anything on this (searching these forums are kind of difficult).

Anyone? Eh?

Last try and I’ll give up.

Just to be clear: right now, when I select a MIDI track. it only selects the MIDI channel/MIDI channel settings – which makes sense, but I do not use. I want the VST mixer channel/settings to be selected when I click a MIDI track. Any takers?