Sync Nuendo to Cubase

Hi there, I recently downloaded a trial for Nuendo and love it.

I know that on TWO SEPERATE machines you can sync via VST connect. And forgive my ignorance but how if possible, can I slave Nuendo to Cubase on ONE machine?

I’ve been using VideoSlave and ProTools for years, each with their respective limitations for sync and editing. If someone out there could explain how I can slave Nuendo to Cubase that would be amazing!

Yes you can. It works really well. I will be posting a video on how to do this shortly.

Phil you’re the man! Haha please share when you do, i ended up just trying some things and got it to work via project sync setup. That whole world gets a bit confusing but hell its working. Share when youve got it out! Cant wait to see what ive done wrong!

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Here you go. Sorry there is no talking in this one and I am using C12 and C11 but the principle is the same:

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