Sync Project and MIDI Key Editor Window

Is there any way to sync the Project Window and MIDI Key Editor Window?

I find it so annoying that, if the Project Cursor is on bar 97 for example and I double click on a MIDI track, The Key Editor does not open with the cursor visible but I have to scroll to get to the place I am wanting to edit.
I much more prefer to use the MIDI Key Editor to the Edit in Place Window.
So my preferences reflect that for Double Click on MIDI Track Opens…

I am sure that it is the same for the MIDI List Editor Window, but I haven’t check after updating to 10.5 from 10, stupid if you ask me.

The little annoying issues that never get properly updated, no matter the version, this smelly flower is old as Cubase.

I think -steve- posted a short macro in the last month or so which will move the display to the cursor position. Don’t recall the specifics but shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Thanks, will look for it, or maybe someone else will reply.