Sync project and mixer selection

When opening Preferences, looks like I don’t have any popup menu for scroll function. Does your ‘Project and Mix Console’ menu look like this? (sorry, it’s in French)

Could anyone have a look to the Prefs/Edition/Project & mix Console? Let me know if it looks the same as the one on the attached jpg file or please post some screenshot. Is there any popup menu there?

Thanks guys !

Yes, it is identical here. You would have gotten a quicker response had you switched to Englisch. :wink:

je veux dire qui parle français ces-jours-ci? :wink:

Sure :slight_smile:)
What I don’t understand is that C7 help window talks about a popup menu, did I miss something? It should allow to select deactivated/track/console track/both…

:unamused: The help file is out of date.