Sync Roland MX-1 to Cubase 9 Help Needed


I would like to sync the MX1 to Cubase 9 under OSX to :
. mix the different audio tracks on every MX1 channel
. apply MX1 effects[/list][/list] on individual channel in s sync’ed way.

I am using the latest MX1 OSX driver and running firmware 1.04. In Cubase I have set transport to sync the MX1 as sown in the snapshot, set MX1 in EXT mode and the tempo to PC to receive Stop Start and stay in sync with Cubase tempo. Attached the shot of the transport window, MX1 set in Cubase, VST outputs and Audio Midi Set up (I have unplugged the USB 1 - 4 ports as they respond to other Aira gear I am not using.

The Mx1 does not seem to respond properly to Cubase syncing, here the behaviours :
. I have to press the Stop Start myself on the Mx1
. the MFX steps blinking change speed but with a significant lag after Cubase tempo change
. the Tempo display always shows “----” characters
. the “tap” button of the tempo section keeps flashing
. the tempo display from time to time flashes a BPM value which is not Cubase’s, but the latest BPM in memory in the MX1

Here are my questions :
. what are the Cubase transport settings to drive the MX1 - am I forgetting anything ?
. should the MX1 tempo display show the Cubase tempo ?
. what are the differences and uses of the “MX-1” and “MX-1 CTRL” USB ports ???

Last (as a side question) : why does the audio coming out from the MX1 lack low end ? Anything to do with MFX tone filter set up ?

I realise these are many questions and do not know if many of you have such a set up,
so thank you in advance for your kind help and lights ! - Henri