Sync Selection in project Window and Mix console

When “Sync Selection in project Window and Mix console” is unchecked in the preferences, the CC121 is useless in the arrange.
Can’t write automation, and open the selected midi instrument since it is still active on the last mixer track selected.

Someone knows about a workaround ?
Please ?


Nuendo 6.7 - Mac OS 10.8.5


The only one way is to enable the preferences you mentioned. CC121 is linked primary to the MixConsole. If the Project window doesn’t follow the selection from the MixConsole, it doesn’t follow the selection of CC121.

Its pretty old post but is it still true? To me it seems that channel select follows project window. Im strugling with cases wher ein proj. window is vst with multiple outputs or where are midi tracks. And if I make then invisible in mix, cc121 still follows them which is anoying.

I would prefere the way that I can set CC121 to follows mixconsole, because this is the moment when Im using fader and EQ, but currently i still need to switch between track by mouse, which makes channnel select buttons useless.


The behaviour is still the same.