"Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole" Not working

I have this preference ticked in Cubase 9.5.10. But it is not working. Repro:

  1. Add FX channel track to a project.

  2. Click on any other track in the project window. Track is selected there, and you can see it change in the “zones” tab of the mixer, but the track is not actually selected in the mix console. So when I click the channel edit “e” button on my CC121 controller, I get the channel settings for the FX track that I just created opening up, instead of the track I just selected in the project window.

  3. I have to click on another channel in the Mixer window in order for things to work as expected. After that, the project window and mixer windows are in sync.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

I´m having the same problem all the time.
The sync fails and begins to have different channels selected in the proyect window from the mix console.
Really terrible when you are working with the Q link on…

Same here. I’m on 9.5.30. Is there a fix for this?

It happens for me when I select a midi track in the project window and then a new audio track. I end up with two tracks selected in the mix window.