Sync studio PC and mobile notebook

Hello everyone,

I have very powerfull PC at home and I make big Cubase projects with too many plugins and VSTis. But when I come to practice with a band in a garage, I can’t bring my PC with me, yet still I can take a weak notebook with me to run rendered audio. But it’s so tedious to do so because if I make change in one place, I have to on another PC manually.

Is there perhaps a way to open a Project but to specify which tracks will be opened?

Or perhaps should I buy a powerfull notebook and sync files? But how can I sync VSTIs?

Also the cubase cloud is out, perhaps that’s a better solution?

How do you guys do it and waist minimum time on syncing the PC and notebook?

Cheers for the answers! I bet it’s a hot topic :slight_smile: