Sync tempo between cubase and yamaha PSR

Hi I use the yamaha PSR SX 900 to create my songs and then import it into the cubase to create audio files for each track . Some of my songs have the tempo slow down in an ending or change of tempo in a song . How do I record the audio in such a way that the cubase reads the tempo defined from my yamaha pattern / style that has been created for the song including tempo changes when converting to audio ? Thanks


Cubase has to be the Master in this case. In the Synchronization Setup window > Destination tab, select the PSR SX out as the Destination. Then set PSR as slave.

What I would do is to import the MIDI file from the PSR to Cubase. Then I would use PSR just as a “sound module” by setting the MIDI Out Ports to PSR. And I would record the audio to Cubase. In this case, there is no need to sync the devices, because Cubase is the only device using any time.

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