Sync/Timing Issues with Midi Instrument

Hi folks

I’m getting a problem that’s driving me nuts. I’ve got a recording with about 5 vocal parts and a sampled piano. I’m now trying to add a midi instrument part (Halion One). I start recording and sometimes it works but then after a minute or so, either the instrument stops sounding or else on playback my recorded notes are not at all in sync with the track nor sound like how I played them (in terms of timing).

I have to delete the part and close and re-open Cubase to get a few more moments of it working and then repeat the above - arrrrghhh!

Anyone know what’s going on? Is there a workaround to reset the thing without re-booting?

Ta for any help!

You either need to use the Emulated ports for your MIDI interface or System Timestamp. Look up Port Filter in the index of the manual to see how to get the emulated ports to show. There’s a Knowledge Base artile on the subject, also. You don’t list your specs so can’t be more precise.

Thanks mashedmitten for your suggestion I’ll look into that. My specs are: Windows XP (SP3), Intel i7 2.7Ghz, 3Mb RAM, Cubase 5, with T.C. Konnekt 48 interface. Ta!