Sync to 1/2x and 2x tempo in GA5 needed

In Groove Agent 5 I have this problem:
I record a lot of backing tracks to older musicals. In this genre it’s common to write the score in cut time, meaning that the tempo is effectively doubled. So a common song normally written in 4/4 tempo 90 will now be played back in tempo 180 (2/2 where half notes = quarter notes). This is quite common and easy to read for pro’s but it creates a problem for Addictive Drums. GA think the tempo is 180 and play back the patterns in this tempo.
I have a lot of other drum VI’s BFD 3, Superior Drummer 3 and Groove Agent ALL of them can be set to sync to half the tempo from the DAW (Cubase). I need to keep the tempo and number of bars equal to the ones in the score that I also produce, so I can’t spend a lot of time changing this.
Is it possible to implement this feature in GA?
Or even better, it’s already there and I can’t find it, so you are going to tell me??? :smiley: