Sync to host glitch with Cubase / Drum VSTs on latest Windows 10? Or is it only me?

Apologies if this has been covered but I cannot find anything helpful on this at all…

I was using Cubase 7 and then 9.5 for a long time with Addictive Drums 1/2 as my go to quick drum beat tool to sync with host and play along with the metronome to get stuck in recording ideas. Now… for someone unknown reason to me (after all these years!), when you press play the drums violently skip quickly before catching up and continuing to play in time. I’m talking a split second skip, like its ever so quickly playing the wrong part of the loop and then zipping back to the beginning where it will then sit fine and respond to tempo changes etc no problem. It’s literally just the initial skip when you play press driving me a bit nutz.

So… I had a rethink and decided to just flush it all out, have a fresh Windows install (maybe a bit extreme) and finally use my Cubase 10.5 Pro license. First thing I installed was Addictive Drums 2 and the SAME skippy host/sync bug is still there! How? Why? Why now?

Now, I know this could be an issue for XLN possibly and not Steinberg but I’m starting to get the feeling that a recent Windows 10 update has caused this. I did notice one other VSTi that also skipped quick on PLAY before settling down in sync but I’ve forgotten what it was unfortunately, so in my head I’ve kinda ruled out XLN Audio. Stylux - RMX sync to host… perfect. My AD2 version never changed tho which makes this a complete mystery to me.

Does anyone know about this or have similar issues tempo host sync issues when pressing PLAY? My buffers etc are fine. I fiddles with various things like ASIO guard etc. Nothing makes a dent on this problem. System wise: My RME AIO card is still rock solid in a decent punchy HP Workstation
But why this minor but major annoying problem. Oh the pain! :laughing: :angry: :neutral_face:

Apart from maybe trying earlier Windows versions, never touching the internet and permanently sealing my underground bunker from the outside world. Any useful ideas?