Sync to picture (audio import issue?)

I set left locator to TC00:01:00:05. export. set cursor to that same location. import file. File does not null with the original in cubase and is off by nearly 11 frames compared to the original file. What am I doing wrong? Is it the export that is incorrect or is it my importing that is incorrect?

I guess it’s importing that is the problem. Cubase is not starting the file where my cursor is…?

Open the clip in the Sample Editor and see where the Snap Point is.

Thanks. Yea thats a little weird I would say. Imported audio should always go to where my cursor is. Cubase snapping it seems like an annoying feature that should be left off by default.

Check out the plugin called Vocalign. It’s easy to sync up video to sounds or vocals… Try looking it up on youtube as well…