Sync Transport+Tempo between Bitwig and Cubase on two different computers

Hi all,

My mate uses Bitwig Studio and I use Cubase 13 Pro.
We would like to ‘jam’ live with both of us controlling our own DAWs looping in sync with e.g. a 4 Bar or 8 Bar loop running VST synths etc.

Today we tried to hook Bitwig and Cubase up through 5-PIN MIDI cables and configuring MTC in our Sync setup sections.
I even tried the “All MIDI Inputs” option in an attempt to slave to his Bitwig.

We had no succes so far. The MIDI interface LEDs flashed very rapid when Bitwig was master which seemed to indicate that the Timecode was transmitted.

We both tried our DAWs as Master or Slave.
But we couldn’t get one to follow the other…

Amy thougjts on what we might be doing wrong and/or a simple solution?
We just want a synced looping of our DAWs.
Nothing to do with recording etc.


In any case Cubase can act as Master only.

Thanks for your answer Martin.
Can you point out what are the correct / optimal settings to achieve our goal as far as it concerns the Cubase end of things?


In Transport > Project Synchronization Setup > Timecode, set Internal Timecode.

In Transport > Project Synchronization Setup > Destinations, select your 5-DIN MIDI Port in the MIDI Clock Destinations. I would enable all options in the MIDI Clock Preferences section.

I don’t know, how to set it up on Bitwig side, sorry. But it must behave as slave.

Thank you Martin, we’ll give it another try…

IRC Cubase can slave to incoming MTC, can it not?