Sync trouble Mov files

Hello all

I am working on a short video project and the Producer has given me the final cut exported from Final Cut Pro. When I imported the file into cubase (6.5.5) cubase notified me the file was 23.98 frame rate. I notified the Producer and he claims his file exported at 24 fps. Following that I received the individual audio files that need some work. Although the audio files are all the same length the vocal takes are out of sync (slightly delayed) 1 frame or approx 40 ms.

He had given me an earlier version to work on which the client requested some edits but that file was m4v and all the subsequent audio files were in time with the guide track/ rough mix. odd ? But that file imported without any warnings that of a frame rate conflict. Any imput on why as I’m not sure whether this was a user error or codec related?

I have a few questions regarding the problem.

  1. I have put in a call to the Producer to request an new copy of the final edit and I asked for an mv4 file but I haven’t worked with sync in a while. I am unsure as to what is the most robust and reliable type of media file, that plays well with cubase to have as my visual reference? Recommendations please.

  2. Because I have prepped all my markers and guide edits for the new audio I was hoping to drop the new video file into the current project. My train of thought was to delete the old video file, change the frame rate then simply import the new video file. It seems logical and simple but I don’t want to export back to the producer and have any issues due to my current ignorance of the new codecs. Recommendations here too please

  3. Lastly If anyone could suggest a good resource/ reference online or in print that is up to date with the current codecs and digital media info as I could use a brush up. My old digital audio reference is dated.



I know nothing about syncing video to audio, but a quick Google search for 24fps vs. 23.98fps… netted this [u]link![/u]


Thanks MoPro

That was a good refresher on the frame rate material.

I am still curious about the current codecs if anyone has any tips that would be much appreciated. FWIW The final product is destined as an infomercial on the web.


This knowledge base article was helpful - not the only info I was looking for.