sync two audio tracks

This one is probably an easy one.

I have two identical audio tracks with different mixes and effects on each.
The Motif XF has these two versions of backing strings in two song positions.
I transfer with fw to mac/cubase 7 each song in a different audio track of cubase.
Placing one on one audio track in Cubase 7.5 and one on the other track below.
The timing of these two tracks is not exact.
I have used, in past CB versions, “snap track to grid” ? … or something along those lines.
What is it called now or where am I missing it, the older term??

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Cubase creates a snap point in an event when you import it. You can view it in the sample editior, middle of the waveform, just pull it out of the event border to the left, then it should work.

Thank you marQs.

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