Synced video/audio oddness

In one of my common workflows, I’m often importing audio (as MP4 video :roll_eyes:) into Dorico, on top of which I orchestrate. I’ve noticed something peculiar for as long as I’ve been doing this:

  • I import the audio (video) normally, using Flow: Video: Attach
  • I need to make a change to the audio, so I use my DAW to do the necessary edit
  • I export the revised audio, and convert it to a video file, replacing the former file
  • In Dorico, the change is not reflected
  • After closing and reopening the score, the change is still not reflected
  • After quitting and relaunching Dorico, the change is still not reflected
  • After restarting my computer, the change is reflected

I’m hard pressed to come up with a reason why this would be the case. Especially since Dorico fails to load the audio (video) file if the filename has been changed, or if it has been moved—which seems to indicate it’s directly referencing the file on disk.

Regardless, it’s quite a hassle to need to restart my rig every time I tweak the audio file. Here’s to a proper audio import/sync in Dorico 5 (or at least a fix for this bug!).

I think I experienced this (and probably already wrote a thread about it). I agree that a fix is needed!

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I’m all the time using dorico in sync with logic using txl time code -plugin. Then you are free to edit the audio as much as you wish!

Using this setup, always first open logic and then dorico - this way there will be no problems with conflicting sample rates…

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If you change the filename of the video after each edit and before re-attaching it, you should find that the change is reflected right away.


I’ve noticed that, and have used that trick in the past.