Synch on track to another

How do I synch one track to another track Cubase 10.5
My drum track is off from the guitar track and I’d like to change that. :grin:


You can adjust a Track’s playback forwards & backwards by using the Track Delay control in the Inspector.


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Thanks for that. The problem is that the drums are sometimes too soon and sometimes too late.
MY idea was that maybe I could make a cut-up guitar track and then make a cut-up drum track and synch the drums to the guitar like that. I know it’d odd.

Humm, that is more complicated. Are you using Cubase Pro?

I once recorded this amazing guitar track that I was so in love with I had to turn it into a song. Unfortunately it was so amazing because it started out nothing but guitar.

I put a bass in with it, vocals, and then… Drums, and well, you haven’t heard this track, and you wont ever.

The thing is, if you take that very emotionally expressive guitar recording, and you just focus on playing with it. get in its groove, don’t try and make it danceable. let it be what it is. You might end up with something you are proud of.

It’s not ever going to be what it wasn’t to begin with. Even if you go though the lengthy process of slicing and tempo changes, and synching and all of that, you will just take the heart and soul out of it.

Make it what it wants to be, not what you want it to be.

But that’s a personal story. If it’s only slightly off, sometimes you can find the markers and get the temp and do all of that, like you were trying to synch a score to vid. But you would do well to take what you have as a sketch, and re-record. Or as above, just let the original parts stand on their own.