Synching a wav file in Dorico

Good afternoon,

I am trying to synch a wav file to a dorico flow, and it looks like what I have to do is create a non-variable rate video file out of the original wav. Waiting on Compressor now, but I keep getting “video format not supported” errors when I try to synch the resulting .mov or m4v.

If anyone has a better method, I will be grateful.


One option for that process is to download and use the free VLC player - it supports the necessary conversion types.

Thanks. I have Compressor and Media Encoder, but there is still something incompatible when I export the wav as a .mov etc. I think it is a frame rate thing.

Tried this?

Changing the project frame rate (

Looks like you have to add actual frames of video to the wav file before you export it and synch it in Dorico. I did this in Premiere and exported. It would be cool to be able to simply synch an audio file.

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