Synchron Pianos

I’m wondering whether I’m the only one who is unable to get Dorico 4 to play nicely with the Synchron Piano Player. No matter what I try—uninstalling, reinstalling, and so on—Dorico 's VST rack is empty save for Sonic SE and the Beep. I have a terrible feeling I’m overlooking something;—and apologies if I’ve overlooked a similar post elsewhere in the forum.

Synchron Player runs outside of Dorico 4 just fine. If it helps, I’m running a M1 Pro Mac.

Thanks so much!

Did you make sure you have chosen the correct playback template?

  1. Using Dorico 4 on Macs with Apple Silicon processors will only work in “native” mode if all plugins are also apple silicon native. Otherwise, you can still use Dorico 4 with other plugins but only if you open D4 in Rosetta translation mode.

  2. If the Synchron Piano Player is not yet VST3, you may also have to “white list” it before Dorico will recognize it.

Other posts on this forum should clarify how to open Dorico 4 in Rosetta translation mode and how to whitelist VST2 plugins.

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Thank you so, so much, Mike—your first solution was correct! A brighter day is ahead!