Synchron player in Dorico 4

My Vienna Synchron player will only work in Dorico 4 if I’m in Rosetta mode. Is that correct? Does anyone else have that issue, or does it work for you in M1 mode?


I’ve been trying to find information about whether Synchron Player has been updated for Apple silicon, and it’s not clear:

It looks like perhaps it isn’t yet Apple silicon native.

Seems it’s not quite ready for Dorico 4 yet. However, it works fine in Cubase 12 on this very same mac that’s running Dorico.

I was recently in touch with VSL and they said that Synchron Player is not native Apple Silicon compatible, yet, but it is high priority on their list. So for the moment you have to use it in Rosetta mode.

I think Cubase 12 might start under Rosetta by default, whereas Dorico 4 starts as a native app by default. If you want to use Synchron Player with Dorico 4, you can, but you’ll need to set it to open using Rosetta.