I am trying to use Synchron Prime Woodblocks. I am able to use the lower keyboard samples but not able to access the upper two. I am enclosing a screen shot of the Percussion map provided by VSL and Synchron Player. I could start with a pitched percussion like the Marimba and enter the actual notes and that works but it covers a large range on the staff and that is not a solution. Do I have to create more Playing techniques in the Right hand column of Write mode? Curious that VSL did not provide them if that is the case.

I don’t think VSL provides extra Playing/Playback techniques with their templates

Hey Bob,
Thanks for the quick reply. That makes more sense. It is odd that they provide the map without the extra techniques. It must be something that is not possible or takes too much time on their end. I guess I could make my own.
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I think it’s just more effort than they want to put into it :slight_smile:

Hey Bill,

Part of it was I didn’t really understand the percussion map procedure. It reads top to bottom. I found out that to use the middle notes (medium woodblock) all I had to do was clear out all the mapping for C3 to B 3 and it amazingly works with Dorico starting from C4 on. I wish VSL could have included that tidbit BUT I am grateful they did so much work for us.
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When I use NPPE with my Synchron Prime, I can use-and hear in playback- the Prime woodblocks. Dorico sets up a 5-line staff labelled Wood Block 1-5. I simply enter the notes on the top line and then alt/down arrow to move the notes to the other lines to get different ‘pitches.’ I have not tried doing this with the Synchron Prime Template, though.

Hey Gary,
Thanks for the response. Forgive my ignorance, but what is NPPE?
I have made headway with the VSL Percussion maps. I just got the Synchron Prime because it seemed simpler to get going than my other VSL libraries. I figured out how to use the Prime Concert Toms in one instance by editing the original map, cutting out the the Notes below C4 for the medium, and the notes below C5 for the High. After creating those I can use one endpoint over three channels for VSL SY Prime-Concert toms, and my created VSL SY Concert toms Medium and High. I am in the process of writing this all out so I don’t forget. Many hours have been spent trying to figure this out. Your way sounds simpler so I would love to hear what NPPE is.
I saved your response so I can work from there.
Thanks again. I can’t believe how nice people are with support. I am afraid to add my 2 cents since I am trying to figure out the whole percussion proce4ss.


NPPE = NotePerformer Playback Engine

Derrek us correct- NPPE is Noteperformer 4’ s playback engine. My upgrate to NP4 from 3 was free; I did have to pay to unlock full use of the synchron prime engine. Totally worth it, though. I set up my score in Dorico with Noteperfirmer as my playback template, open my Noteperformer Engine, assign the instruments I’m using in the score, and Noteperformer takes care of the rest. Any instruments in my score that aren’t in my Synchron Prime library (like saxes) playback with Noteperformer 4’s regular function. Works very well- better than the Dorico template that VSL provides.

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Hey Derrek,
Thanks. I first thought of NotePerformer but the PE threw me.
I finally got the VSL Prime to behave after many hours puzzling over the whole thing.
I will look further into NotePerformer.

Hey Gary,

Thanks. I am saving your email. I finally figured out how ( after many many hours) to get the percussion set up with Dorico and VSL using VSL’s percussion maps.
The only hitch was when I added a new instrument to my score in progress, a couple of the playback volumes were really out of whack. I tried trashing the Audio Engine like Steinberg advised but that did not work and they instructed me to phone them. I was able to lower the offending volume output on the two VSL instruments so it played back as before.

I will look into the NotePerformer idea. Anything to make all of this simpler and faster I am all for.

Thanks again,
I really appreciate you sharing your expertise and experience. I have been with Dorico since 3.5 after ditching Finale after decades of use.While there are things that i would like to see implemented with Dorico, the positive vastly outweighs the negatives.


You’re welcome. Using the Synchron Prime NPPE IN Noteperformer will, i believe make things easier for you. I do have to adjust volumes in Noteperformer’s mixer(s) to a degree. I’m thinking that’s due to the way Synchron Prime’s samples were recorded. I’ve barely plunged the depths of this stuff yet; things need to be fairly “Gary-proof” for me🙃 I will say that I am quite pleased with NP4’s NPPE playback engine with Synchron Prime. I’m running everthing on a laptop with 32g of RAM, and Synchron Prime has yet to give me problems- even in full orchestra works. It’s easy on my resources, and sounds quite good🙂