Synchronise 2 Cubase on 2 computers

I’ve 2 versions of Cubase AI8 on 2 computers (1 desktop & 1 laptop) I’ve also 2 sound cards with midi connections.
I use vsti “addictive drums” on the two cubase, (for particular reason that I’ll not detail here) I want to trigg some parts of my eDrum on the desktop computer and the others part on the laptop so I need to synchronise the 2 cubase for they start recording or playing at the same time. So my questions are : is it possible ? if yes, how it works ? is there some tutorials or explanations of it somewhere ?
Thanks very much for help.


In general, this is possible via VST System Link, which you can find in Devices > Device Setup. But I’m not sure, if the VST System Link is also part of Cubase AI.