Synchronise 2 PC

hello to all,
is it possible to synchronize cubase 5.1 under win XP with Cubase pro 12 under windows 11?
thanks for your help

VST System Link would come to mind as the solution. I don’t remember if C5.1 already has this feature, though.
Alternatively you can use MTC (MIDI time code). Optionally, for being able to do more than start/stop remote control the other computer have a look at MMC (MIDI machine control).

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Yes, it had.

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Hello Martin,
thank you very much! I didn’t know how to get out of this mess! I will be able to test this quickly… thank you, you save me from all my questions and I will finally be able to resume my olds projects without having to redo everything, be blessed

thank you Johnny for your help