Synchronise tempo midi with audio track

Hi, I am loking for a kind of tutorial or workaround, in which is explained how to synchronize the tempo of a audiotrack with a miditrack ( or vise versa) in one project.
I have seen audio with audio, but not yet audio sync with midi. I would appreciate if you can point me the way to do this. I use Cubase pro 10, latest version and win10. T.i.a.

2 videos I’ve used:

Tnx @IEASTON, the first was helpful. The seconds vid is outdated, I guess there are more renewed features, yet (I hope). I will search further, but I appreciate other advices in which direction I have to search. T.i.a.

Fyi the first vid. results in a good direction to study; keywords Tempo Matching Audio and Musical Mode and Quantizing. Sometimes it is dificult to search when one does not know the technical ‘cubase’ language …