Synchronising presets and key commands between two machines

Hi Folks,

I’m in the process of learning Cubase, and am spending a lot of time customising the program with preferences and key commands at the moment, though I can see this extending to the Logical Editor and beyond pretty soon.

I have my main rig at my studio, then also a laptop where I often mess about at home. I would really love it if a change I made on one machine could be implemented on the other without having to copy a ton of xml files back and forth, I can see myself getting into some serious user error at some point!

I’ve heard of people using dropbox or similar to synchronise a preference file or two between machines, but with all the different layers of presets in Cubase I’m wondering if anyone else has found and is using a reliable way to make this happen?

Tips gratefully received,

D :slight_smile: