Synchronization of Cubase LE 5 out of sync.

I am new to the forum. Never done this before. My Cubase LE 5 was in sync for 1 week. Then went out of sync. Using Yamaha keyboard S90 XS. Also, at the same time, the metronome click has no sound from Cubase, but has the S90 XS sound. Need help.

Maybe a Driver problem :question:

Whats your operating system :question:

Soundcard :question:

This is a related sync problem from and

Jack :slight_smile:

With out of sync, you mean a delay? In that case, try checking ‘use windows timestamp’, assuming you’re not on a mac :wink:

Thanks Strophoid and Halljack. It turned out to be my Yamaha S90XS > utility > midi > midi sync and set it to internal.