Synchronization with midi keyboard

I’m trying to set up a sync Cubase 9.5 and Yamaha KX61 midi keyboard. Namely, I want the tempo indicator on the keyboard to light up exactly in time with the metronome, but I can’t do that — every time I start record - it behaves differently — normally, delayed, or ahead. The tempo itself is synchronized, but the moment of the click is not very accurate, to say the least.
It’s strange, because Cubase is rich in external synchronization capabilities, and this keyboard is designed primarily for working with Cubase, but it is impossible to configure. If anyone have such experience - please tell me what should I do to solve this. (current settings are shown in the screenshot)

have you set the keyboard to external clocking? (auto or external) see page 32 - 36 of Yamaha KX61 user manual
i “think” you may have to use the midi in/out ports (page 18 of user manual) for this not the usb port but im not certain of this…generally it is the case with most keyboards i have used

As it looks you set up both mtc and midi clock - I think only midi clock is appropriate to sync arp.
Uncheck mtc destination, and relieve midi cable from a lot of garbage.

And set KX’s Sync to external if you send midi clock from Cubase and on the first midi port.
But probably auto - so if receiving clock it switches to external.
The second port seems to be used for MMC stuff to control daw.

Looking for help to connect Yamaha KX to Cubase 9.5. DAW Remote buttons not working. Appreciate any assistance on this. Thanks.