synchronize 2 projects

the possibility of 2 mixing 2 projects to syncronize would be good. instead of having to activate the next project and mute the sound like ableton live when changing scenes

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You cannot playback two projects at the same time. You can play back the active project only.

You can run 2 different versions of cubase simultaneously to open multiple projects at the same time. One of them will be on an older release, though.

hello. thank you for the answer I will try to download a legacy version. But especially the question is the 2 projects will be syncronized midi clock? .CORDIALY


If you use any kind of virtual MIDI Port to send/receive the MIDI Clock, this should work.

hi. virtual midi port on windows 10 ?

hi. thank you but I would like this to be possible in a future update in native steinberg. I download 10.5 and virtualMIDI | Tobias Erichsen. I will try .thank you


Then you would need to wait at least 2 major releases. Otherwise it would be available in version A only, not in A-1.

If this is a Feature Request, please add the tag.

hi. I tried in virtual port midi on windows 10 .cubase 11 + cubase 10.5 impossible to activate the virtual output port it did not work . I’m not ready to let go of ableton live 11 and its session screen