Synchronize: ASIO device or Intern timecode?


i had to synchronize extern machines with midiclock. In settings dialog are available Intern Timecode and ASIO device as timecode generator.
I´m using an RME 9632 with an ultra jitterfree Steadyclock. Is it better to use the ASIO Device or Intern Timecode as source clockdevice to produce a stable Midiclock. May be these two things have nothing to do with the midiclock?
In other threats i read that an midiclock is generated by software is not precise as a hardware generated clock like
innerclocksytems products.
sorry for my english, but that the only way i can :blush:

Try both. See how you go.


I tried both ways in 2 different projects. It seem s there is no noticeable difference. The only thing i figured out is if Mididata was record from an extern device which is synced by midiclock it is better to run 2 or 4 bar pre and then punch in.
If you do this, the first midievents are better placed in time. Miditiming and extern devices seems to be based on shaky premises until today. :cry:
Its not the latency which is the prob, it seems to be the software generated is not ultra stable Midiclock.
Anybody has experiences with some hardwareclocks for ex. innerclocksystems? This one seems a little bit overpriced.
I don´t believe that it is an advantage to take the Midiclock from an drummachine as Masterclock, cause midi is never sample tight.