synchronizing video?

Has anybody found a way to synchronize film with Dorico? I can write notes to film in Logic and Sibelius 7 but I don’t like how either work. I worked with Sibelius 2, 4 and 6 and loved them all. I don’t feel like giving $300 more to Avid and find out 8.5 has even more random crashes :frowning:

I had a tip from somebody about Video Slave 3 – I seem to remember it’s been discussed here on the forum before, but I can’t find the posts now. You might give it a go.

Well, looks like it’ll work, thanks. It’s a bit weird to spend $320 on something that I did in Sibelius 11 years ago.
I found a cheaper one, only $25.
I’ll demo the two one day.

We do of course intend to support direct video sync in Dorico using the video engine that Cubase/Nuendo already use, but if you want this functionality in Dorico today, then one of these add-ons is probably the way to go for the time being.

Understood. If I’m not happy with demoing Dorico and VidPlayVST together, I’ll probably wait with crossgrading. I gotta say I love how the scores look, so much better than Sibelius :slight_smile:

Hello, just wanted to mention that I am using VidPlayVST with Dorico 1.2 and it’s working great!
VidPlayVST is $18 VST2 64-bit version
instructions on how to instal here:

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