Syncing 2 Digital Recordings

Hey there… I’d be interested to hear if anyone has found a simple way to sync two digital recordings (recordings of a guitar and looper performance done with two separate devices: an iPod Touch looper-direct-line recording and a Cowon mp3 player mic recording). The two files vary slightly in length (one recorder is a touch faster than the other).

The manual seems a little messy in this regard. I’m pretty sure I need to use the time warp tool… but maybe not since it’s not related to tempo in anyway… I just want the two recordings to sync up with each other.

Any ideas?

  • Lid55

Were the tracks recorded to a click or free recorded?

Here’s a good tutorial link for different features.

Hey there, the link doesn’t seem to work.

The tempo of the two recordings might just be irrelevant though… I am trying to sync two digital files of a performance (with no overall click… since it’s a whole setlist of songs).


Link works here. What browser are you using? The Warp Vids are the ones you want to watch.

Ah… now it works… ok I’ll check em out and let you know…