Syncing Cubase 6 Elements to a Boss DR-880

Hi All,

First post… here it goes…

Have a Boss DR880 from which I want to control Cubase’s tempo and start/stop of playback. (so it follows the tempo of a pattern selected on the DR880)

Done the following:

  • DR880 MIDI out to MOTIF Rack ES midi in
  • MOTIF RACK ES via USB to iMac (OSX Maverick), midi in into Cubase working, I can record notes and stuff
  • (turned of the Motif rack’s internal midi clock by syncing it to Midi instead of internal…)
  • using MIdiSpy I can see coming from the Motif USB midi port the Midi timing clock, start, stop and continue events from the DR-880 as I use it
  • In Cubase:
  • in transport menu turned ‘Use external Sync’ on
  • in "project Synchronization Setup’ set source to ‘midi clock’, coming from the Motif USB midi port

End result: nada

  • Cubase tempo stuck to 120bpm (or whatever set…)
  • sync status = idle in transport bar
  • start/stop on dr880 does not do anything on Cubase…

I’m stuck…

any tips appreciated…


Why not sync the dr880 to Cubase instead ?

Certainly not - Cubae can not be slaved to MIDI clock.

Midi time code… not MIDI clock… and you are right: the eternal confusion between the two: the DR880 sends Midi Clocks, not MTC— now I get it…

Ok, then the only thing remaining is to sync the other way around (sync the DR880 to Cubase)

Tried to avoid this, because now I have to set the tempo in Cubase to match the selected pattern on the DR880… Have to do this manually now after each pattern change…

Thanx, solved it…