Syncing cubase artist to external midi (microkorg)

In my vst connections there isn’t a tab for external instruments listed. Only the ins and outs. What I ultimately want to do is write in midi parts via cubase and then send this data out to the korg, finally recording audio out of the korg back into cubase on to an audio track.

How does one do this?



Add a MIDI Track and Insert the MIDI Data here. Set the output of the MIDI Track to the microkorg.

Add an Audio track (stereo). Set the Inpit of the Audio track to the Input, where is your microkorg connected to (make sure, the settings is made in VST Connections > Inputs). Make sure the audio canbles (two jacky) are connected from microkorg (Line Out) to your Audio Device (Line In).

Enable Record on the Audio track. Hit Record. MIDI data is sent from the MIDI track of Cubase to microkorg. Sound is generated here and sent back to the Audio track, where is recorded.

Thank you :slight_smile: that’s exactly what I was looking for