syncing cubase with external sequencer

I am running cubase elements 7, still very much learning the ropes.

Trying to sync the QY10 to cubase.

This is what I have done:

Set the midi sync on the QY10 to external

on Cubase , set the project sync settings to internal timecode (see attachment for all settings)

When I go to record and during recording, the sync setting says “sync int offline”

So I record a track and I can see that it triggers the QY10 to start playing, and so the recording works on.

But when I record a second track from it. The syncing is out, while it triggered the start of recording again, and it seemed like it should be right, it goes out of sync during the recording.

What am I doing wrong, why does the sync say “offline” I am thinking this is where the issue is,

Can someone help me :slight_smile:


From the point of viewing your PNG image:

  1. Click all available boxes under MIDI Timecode Destinations and MIDI Clock Destinations. This is to insure that your QY10 or other MIDI devices are getting all the information Cubase can possibly issue, so if they are picky about what exactly they need for sync they’ll get it from Cubase over your MIDI interfaces.

  2. Click the “OK” button at the bottom of your Project Synchronization Setup window. It will then close. This button is usually hidden, because the window gets cutoff on many smaller displays, especially laptop displays. I learned this the hard way.

  3. Click the “SYNC” button along the bottom of the Transport window. “Offline” and the “SYNC” buttons will go white and the word “INT.” will disappear. You are now sync’d. Enable your MIDI receiving devices and hit play on Cubase’s transport.

The OFFLINE box turns to ONLINE when Cubase is receiving sync, not delivering sync.