Syncing Dorico's Tempo to Kontakt


I’m trying to send my score’s Tempo value to Kontakt’s Master Tempo, to syncronize a library (Dominus) with the score. Syncronizing is needed to let the words and syllables of the choir advance to the same pace as the music.

The Ext option, in Kontat 5’s Master Bar, is turned on, but the Master Tempo value is not updated, and remains the default 120. Kontakt is directly inserted to Dorico as a plugin (no VEP or other shell in the middle).

Is Dorico supposed to send the Tempo value (shown in the score’s Tempo entry and the Time track) to Kontakt?


Dorico does not currently send the current tempo value during playback, I’m afraid. This is something we plan to support in the future.

I see. Hope it happens soon!


I also tried now to sync kontakt or rmx stylus , but it’s not sync! when I change tempo nothung change.
as this is very old, perhaps I do something wrong or Doriro 3.5 doesn’t send current tempo to vsti?
best regards

Dorico does not (yet) send tempo information to VST’s.