Syncing location audio by aligning timecode? (Live event podcast)

Hello I will be editing a few podcasts that were recorded at a live event with an audience. There are a few different microphones (so different audio files) for each podcast. All microphones should have been synced to the same timecode, but the recordings started at different times so it’s not as easy as dropping them on top of eachother.

I could of course do this manually by aligning waveforms and what not, but was just curious if there is any type of ‘sync files to timecode’ or something - similar to what NLE’s have.

I know there is also the “Audio Alignment” tool, but to my understand that is more for ADR and warping audio.

So yeah, any way to sync/align multiple audio files to eachother via timecode?


Is each podcast recording done on the same recording device, just at different times?

Are they done on different recording devices, but also at different times?

Was there house timecode, or no? Some venues do provide “house synch.”

If all these are different people at different times, you don’t need to worry about aligning anything. Just get the best recording for each podcast, and run with it. Some will sound different as you mention different microphones being used, I assume the talent used their own mics. That is ok, there will be no need to “match mics.”


So yes each live podcast were done at different times throughout the day. It seems like they used different recording devices but that were all synced together via timecode. I am not familiar with house synch so not sure on that one. In general I am not very familiar with live sound / field audio.

Unfortunately though I do have to sync them, as Microphone 1 audio file you can really only hear Person 1 (lav mic) , Microphone 2 audio file has Person 2, and Microphone 3 audio file has audience (for clapping + a couple questions at the end). There isn’t one audio file where you can hear everything. (I have 3 different audio files PER podcast which are separated in different folders)

But yeah I was told they should all be synced to the same timecode. I actually just tried syncing via timecode in Premiere Pro and it worked great - I know I could just export an xml or AAF or something and import that into Nuendo, but was just curious how I would achieve this same thing in Nuendo (without doing it manually).


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There might be an easier way of doing this but if you select all the files that go together, and choose Edit/Move to/Origin they should align to whatever timecode they were recorded at. This might also move them further “down” the timeline; say at 10:45:05:00 if they were recorded at that time of day, but then you can just select them all and move them to wherever is convenient in the project.

Thanks I’ll try that!

If you have the audio podcasts synced in premiere, export the timeline as aaf or omf and import it into nuendo.