Syncing MIDI keyboard faders with certain MIDI CC (Global)

Hey everyone, new user with Cubase 9.5 PRO. I am using a pure Kontakt library set up and pretty much every single library has the following key commands for the following controls - MIDI CC 1(Dynamics), MIDI CC 21(Vibrato), MIDI CC 11(Expression), all of which I want assigned to the first three faders on my MIDI keyboard. What I want to really do is have this done globally throughout my project so that when I got to the project window and click on my Flute for example and hit record, I can record my flute and use my first three faders to control and create a expressive performance. I know that when I am in Kontakt and I can right click and use Learn MIDI CC, but I can’t imagine doing that across all instruments, etc. How do I globally assign my MIDI Faders with these MIDI CC commands? What should I do here? I hope I am making sense. This seems to be the last thing that is stopping me from just hitting the record button with the strings, using the faders to create a true performance, and then BAMM!!..jumping up to the woodwinds hitting record and doing the same thing. Thanks so much. I am using the Nektar LX 88+.

Every Kontakt library and certainly from different vendors have different setups for cc. Which is understandable because not every vendor uses the exact same controls in every library. So you can’t just setup a map of controllers and make it control the exact same thing in every library you load in Kontakt. However you can make and save custom setups in in the track inspector in Cubase. That way you can recall this or pre-save projects with libraries and with the correct controller setup per track. An easier way imo is that you can also save the cc setup in Kontakt with the instrument or multi. So you can setup all the the cc’s as you want and then save it in the instrument or multi. Or you could use ‘save as’ with a different name keeping the original intact. If you later open this it will automatically also load the cc assignments you saved earlier.

Thank you so much Nickeldome. Starting to get a hang of Cubase. Thanks.