Syncing midi track to Addictive drums


Cubase 5 here.

Having trouble syncing the proper instrument - in this case kick drum to a midi track.

I’ve been getting - Snare, Hi-hat to play - and don’t know why, but not been able to get the kick to play.

I’m using Additive drums for my samples and have no idea how to get the midi and addictive to play nice…

This shouldn’t be this difficult!!

Any suggestions out there?

Are you using AD’s midi files?

No, I am creating the midi through Steven Slate Trigger drag and drop.

I’ve sort of figured out half the problem, now I need to learn how to map addictive to the midi.

Frankly I find most software company’s have woefully inadequate Tutorials - there should be a law that would make it illegal to sell a software unless there is a comprehensive video Tutorial :smiley:

Better still would be a law preventing people from using software until they’ve read the entire manual. :wink:

Ha, Ha, What make you think I haven’t?

I expected this kind of response…really, it is so much easier to defend the staus quo than to think - step back and see if there is a better (efficient) way of learning.

BTW - thanks for your help…“Grand Senior Member”!

Here’s a link to AD’s key map.

Go into the mapper in AD and you can move the pieces to any of these keys, matching SS or whoever. You can save that mapping for further use. I would check the AD forum. They may have one or someone may have created on you can download.