Syncing multitrack rushes


How are people working with multitrack audio from shoots that isn’t present in the main OMF / AAF export of the picture cut?

On my last job they gave me two exports from the picture cut, one was a standard OMF with the offline audio (including the camera sound). The other was a linked AAF that linked to the multitrack rushes. This came up as 6-track polyfiles which I split using “convert tracks”. They made this linked AAF using Automatic Duck to process the FCP sequence.

However, on my latest job, they are using Avid and they haven’t been able to generate anything that links to rushes, so I’ve had to go old school, using the text EDL to do a conform with SADiE (which I happen to have), pointing at "reels i.e. folders on the rushes drive. Then I can export from that back to Nuendo with AES31.

I see that Pro Tools has the very useful field recorder function which will match separate rushes audio to a designated guide track (from the picture edit) according to various criteria . But only the HD version of PT which I don’t have.

What do you do? Am I missing an easy way with Nuendo?


No, there is no easy way in Nuendo. Its a most missed feature actually for a film dialog editor using Nuendo.
Most times I get a AAF with all channels in it from Picture Department. If not I have used ProTools to replace guide tracks with rushes (meaning the audia files the setmixer has delivered). ProTool 10 with CTK does the job too, not only HD.
There is third party software like" Titan". (I tested it once but could not get it to work).
No good news for you so far…


We still swear by Titan. If you understand what it does and how to get it to do what you want it is very powerful.
But getting to grips with the settings and special cases is hard work.

Personally I still prefer the Titan way to the way “field recorder workflow” is implemented in PT. I find it to bardic really, so whenevere there are real issues you need to go back to real third party tools any way.

But yes the PT way is very useful when you just need to find the odd channel here or there and saves a lot of time compared to a full conform using Titan.