Syncing Soundbrenner Pulse to Cubase 10.5

Has anyone had any experience syncing Soundbrenner Pulse wearable metronome to Cubase via the Soundbrenner metronome app on iPhone. Cubase is supposed to be able to control the tempo of the Soundbrenner app and the wearable “Pulse” metronome however I have been unable to get this to work. I cannot achieve a MIDI connection (no MIDI input or output in the metronome app) when connecting via USB cable. I need this to be able to “Activate external sync” in Cubase so I can set the MIDI clock destination to the app and wearable “Pulse” device. I know this is not a Cubase issue as such but just wondered if anyone can help with this. thanks

Hey, I just checked - It works well over here with C10.5. It doesn’t work over USB but over bluetooth (the USB cable is just there to charge the batteries). I’m on a Hackintosh, but it should also work on a windows system.

  • turn on bluetooth
  • start the Soundbrenner DAW app and connect with the device
  • in Cubase, go to Transport/Project Syncronization Setup:
    in the ‘Destinations’-Tab, in ‘MIDI Clock Destinations’, you should see “Soundbrenner DAW tools”. Tick this box.
  • hit Play and the Soundbrenner device should blink and vibrate in sync with your tempo in Cubase.

So, no external sync needed. Cubase is syncing the SB device.

EDIT: I just found out today that this is actually the old school syncing method and the SB sync doesn’t seem to be very tight and reliable with the old SB DAW app. Also the bluetooth connection is quite unstable.
But I also managed to sync it over my ipad (ipad running the SB app connected over USB to the computer) which seems to work MUCH better. Let me know if you have any questions. Maybe you forgot to enable audio/midi of your ipad in your computer?

Unfortunately the “DAW tools” only works for MacOS and not for Windows PC (and I have PC only).