Syncing synth to cubase not working

A few days ago when I synced the microkorg to cubase the synth pattern adjusted to cubase’s tempo, but not anymore.

In the project synchronization set up, Midi clock destination is set to the audio interface, and Midi clock follows project position, always send start message, and send midi clock in stop mode are all checked.

I’ve tried sync set to ‘int’ and ‘offline’, but changing the tempo track tempo doesn’t affect the microkorg’s tempo regardless. What else can i do??

Also, i don’t hear the click track anymore and forgot why it could be…

Set your synth to receive the MIDI clock

Check your VST Connections. Make sure “click” is enabled on your main output bus.

I checked VST connections, and under “click” the column cells are empty, but even if I click the “click” tab nothing changes visually. What indiciates that click is enable in VST connections, and how can i enable it?

I am using a Korg X50 and have had some strange sync-problems until now. It seems to be working a bit better now that I have updated to the latest Korg midi-driver.

Also, check if there’s any effects on the mikrokorg that might not be synced to Cubase-bpm, so that it sounds out of sync when you play back any pattern from your external synth.

Hope you find out of it.